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Synapse Corporate Solutions (Synapse.CS) is an emerging corporation providing dynamic fully featured web-based software solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. There mission is to provide businesses with the tools necessary to effectively compete with the "big boys" by successfully finding, serving, and retaining a higher volume of customers, therefore raising their level of profitability.

  • Synapse.CS required a corporate branding that was visually appealing but spoke of the dependability and security the Synapse.CS series of products deliver.
  • They also required a web presence that offered a large volume of complex information in a easy-to-read and navigate format, supporting potential customer Return-on-Investment (ROI) evaluations of the product.
  • In addition, Synapse.CS required development of a fully featured demo of the software, full media advertising, and Search Engine Optimization to present their product to the highest number of potential customers possible.

  • The design team at Arestia Design Studios started out by developing a distinctive image for Synapse.CS. A branding that would remain in the mind of each individual that views their advertising and would reflect a secure professional image.
  • They then designed an impressive, fully functional website (Synapse.CS) that effectively describes the Synapse.CS line of products, provides detailed Case Studies of successful implementations, and provides means for potential customers to request follow up information or contact by a Synapse representative.
  • Arestia then designed targeted advertising and business cards for the Synapse.CS project.
  • With Arestia's effective Search Engine optimization, the Synapse.CS website has quickly risen to the top of the most popular Internet Search Engine queries.

Visit the Synapse.CS Website and See an Impressive Example of What Arestia Could Do for You!

Services Provided:

  • -  Corporate Identity
    • -  Web Development
      • -  Print Media Design
        • Business Cards

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